New! Single Sign-on to iEXCHANGE® through Availity®

January 17, 2011

iEXCHANGE is our automated pre-certification tool that supports direct submission, processing and online approval of inpatient medical/surgical procedures and referral notifications 24 hours a day, seven days a week. iEXCHANGE is accessible to network physicians, professional providers and facilities within Texas via a Web-based application.

We're pleased to announce that, effective Jan. 15, 2011, gaining direct access to iEXCHANGE will become even easier, due to a new, single sign-on process through Availity. This enhancement eliminates the need for your office to go to separate Web locations for Availity and iEXCHANGE. Single sign-on to iEXCHANGE through Availity offers greater convenience, and it's available at no cost to registered Availity users.

You must be a registered Availity user in order to request set-up for single sign-on access with iEXCHANGE. Additional registration for the new single sign-on capability is required. If you are already a registered Availity user, the iEXCHANGE single sign-on registration links can be found in the Authorization and Referrals section of the Availity provider portal. Please check with your Availity Primary Access Administrator (PAA) to request access.

Note: If you are already signed up for iEXCHANGE, you may continue to access it as you do today. However, we recommend signing up for single sign-on access through the Availity portal for simultaneous access to online pre-certifications and other Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) transactions, such as eligibility & benefits, claim status and other services offered through Availity.

For more information about iEXCHANGE, visit the Education and Reference/Provider Tools Claims section of this website. If you have any questions about how to enroll, use or manage your account, our iEXCHANGE Help Desk is available to assist you. Please e-mail us at, or call (800) 441-9188.

Need more information about Availity? To register or to learn more about the products and services available through Availity, visit, or call Availity Client Services at (800) AVAILITY (282-4548) for assistance.

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